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Decision-Making Obstacle Course (DMOC)

Ever wonder how you would handle someone else's dilemma? 


This online constructive simualtion challenges you to answer the question "What Would You Do?" when put in someone else's shoes

Test your decision-making skills in an obstacle course of case studies


Extract and Preserve your experience in the form of 1st Person case studies

Stories built on the fundamentals of timeless parables & classical music

Proprietary Interviewing protocol and story extraction process 


10+ years of research across multiple professions

Request a password to view Case-Ex videos

Legacy Project

Perpetuate the legacy of your founder or visionary leader, along with the story of your organization and it's culture

This product presents 5, 10, or 20 defining stories on a platform that allows you to preserve and project to people anywhere (public or private) for years to come



The ULTIMATE military game and trivia app

- Conquer 1000 Military Trivia Quizzes 
- Earn Rank 
- Customize Your Avatar
- Find Your Match in Military History and Share on Social
- Unlock TroopTrax cards with acts on important people in Military History

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