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Equipping Medical Leaders Program (EMLP)

Physicians must learn a new set of skills to become great "Physician Leaders"

The same is true for nurses, PAs, and NPs--leading requires new expertise


This program equips medical leaders in a high-competency professional environment

Gettysburg Leadership Retreat

Walk the most fascinating battlefield in the United States with 

Nate Self & Dr. Geoff Tumlin.


A compelling and novel developmental experience. 

Arrive MON evening/depart WED noon. 

All inclusive after you reach the hotel.

A bucket list experience.

Enroll Here

The TrailMarke Mentoring Program

This curriculum teaches people experience transfer & mentoring


Bridge the knowledge & experience from one generation to the next

Preserve culture & organizational identity 


Pass along valuable lessons learned


Encourage and equip your future leaders

Mentoring Sustainment Program

Branch Chief Equipping Program (BCEP)

Designed for government Branch Chiefs who lead engineers, scientists, technologists---or who have transitioned from technical leadership to people leadership.

Topics: Trust, Communication, Judgment, Innovation, Compassion, Resilience

Leader Equipping for Professionals (LEP)

Designed for high-competency professional workers who have not received formal leadership training

Topics: Trust, Communication, Judgment, Innovation, Compassion, Resilience

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Rejuvenate Retreat
(Joy in Practice Workshop)

Connect with colleagues. Sharpen Stress Management Skills. Learn techniques for communication in the digital age.


Available as a day away or a weekend retreat

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